Political Theology of the Earth: Process Cosmology and Apocalyptic Hope

Amid melting glaciers, rising waters, and spreading droughts, Earth has ceased to tolerate our pretense of mastery over it. But how can we confront climate change when political crises keep exploding in the present? This course will invite us to read the feedback loop of political and ecological depredation as secularized apocalypse from a process perspective. If the politics of exceptionalism are theological in origin, should we not enlist the world’s religious communities as part of the resistance? Might we consider dissolving the opposition between the religious and the secular in favor of a broad planetary movement for social and ecological justice? When we are confronted by populist, authoritarian right wings founded on white male Christian supremacism, can we counter with a messianically charged, often unspoken theology of the now-moment, calling for a complex new public? These are some of the questions we will engage during this course, as we work to weave a process political theology of the earth which activates the world’s entangled populations, joined in solidarity and committed to revolutionary solutions to the entwined crises of the Anthropocene.

Tuition: $100.00
Class Length: 5 Days

Course Sections — Summer 2019

Catherine Keller
Mon - Fri
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM PT
June 3, 2019